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Kopi luwak coffee beans sells for nine dollars


Every pound of kopi luwak coffee beans sells for nine dollars, or about five times higher than the price of regular coffee beans. But the number of luwak is not that many, so it's not easy to develop this industry. One factor that decreases the amount of luwak is, this animal became a favorite food of Filipino people living in Catiyara mountainous regions. Appreciation of local residents to luwak is in terms of the delicacy of luwak meat rather than the ability of luwak to choose best coffee beans.

Indonesia, which wants to make a kopi luwak trend, is also facing problems from luwak shrink populations. Although the development of the kopi luwak industry in Sumatra is very rapidly, they also have to face a similar threat due to the increasing number of human populations that have an impact on the high rate of deforestation which allegedly could damage the habitat of luwak.

Approximately 30 families in Liwa district in the southwest of Sumatra have been in the business kopi luwak. Kurniawan is one of them. He is currently raising 102 luwak, which each month can produce 250 kg of coffee beans of kopi luwak.

Every pound of kopi luwak valued between 300 to 800 U.S dollars depending on the production year, because this type of coffee production capacity is indeed uncertain every year. Sumatra kopi luwak comes from coffee beans on luwak droppings in Sumatra, selected, dried, smell eliminated, and then processed using the oven and some other processes, resulting in a high-priced coffee with a unique flavor that is rare in the world.


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